The Passion for Error-free Documents

You might ask “How does the word ‘passion’ come to mind when describing proofreading activities?” For many, proofreading looks like a boring chore, similar to bookkeeping or floor mopping. It’s about spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and who knows what else. Where is the excitement?

Well, let’s approach this from a different angle. Why do top athletes and successful business people push themselves so hard and so passionately? Because they and their teams are in it to win, reach their goals, or even exceed them. They give their all, no matter how hard it is.

Proofreading is like a team sport, the last step after outlining, writing, and editing a document. It is up to the proofreader to finally push it past the goal post and make it a win for the team. Good proofreaders are determined to find that last hidden error in a document. By doing so they protect the team from potential embarrassment or even financial loss that could result from an overlooked problem.

Go Proofreader!

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